The 6 Steps For Keyword Research

Any good SEO campaign commences with proper keyword identification and categorization. The subsequent keyword research process will provide structure and a solid foundation for identifying, expanding, and prioritizing the keywords in your universe.

The 6 steps for keyword research

6 Steps For Keyword Research

Identify Your Keyword Universe

Identify a comprehensive list of words that are relevant to your business. It will indicate that the searcher could also be curious about your content. Use your intuition, PPC data, competitor insight, analytics data, internal search data, Google suggest data, and any historical data from your client or your company to construct your initial keyword list.

Expand the List

Use the Google Keyword Tool to expand the glossary and to know the relative search volumes of all of your keywords.
Keep in mind that Google’s projected search volumes are typically not accurate. They are useful in comparing the relative popularity of one word to a different one.

Prioritize Your List

Your new expanded list is your keyword universe. It is then appropriate to prioritize your keywords and choose the right keywords you target together with your campaign.
These are the keywords that you will want to trace rankings for as a general barometer of health. Additionally, these keywords will be your priority as you start link building campaigns during a later stage of your campaign.
Some people find themselves with 25 priority keywords, and some people find themselves with hundreds. Your priority keywords should reflect words that have the very best propensity to drive revenue.
It is essential to keep in mind that the words you decide will depend on how competitive you are in your industry.

Categorize Your Priority Keywords

Once you have got a priority list of keywords for your campaign, you ought to categorize the keywords into segments

. It enables for more granular reporting and understanding of performance.
At a minimum, you ought to have all keywords categorized between brand and non-brand. Additional categories may include product type, sub-brands, business group, keyword-based or keywords that map to a selected business goal or customer segment.
Categorization makes it easier for people within your team to know the impact SEO has at a more meaningful level.

Identify Preferred Landing Pages

Once you have got your keywords defined in this manner, you will begin mapping the priority keywords to specific pages that they are most relevant to. These pages are going to be the first target of your optimization activities for your priority keywords.
You may identify the keywords as you start to do the on-page optimization for your landing page. It is often where you will use the additional keywords from the keyword universe.

Refine Your Keyword List Over Time

It is essential to concentrate on your PPC data and analytics data to spot new keyword phrases. It will give opportunities for your business. It is often good for brand spanking new brands or sub-brands. It is good practice to review these data sets monthly to spot any new opportunities ought to integrate into your SEO campaign.

Gain the maximum attention towards your brand

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Hopefully, this keyword research process will provide structure and a solid foundation for your SEO program. Good luck!


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