Do Hashtags Really Work? How To Use Them To Increase Engagement

Ever since the arrival of hashtags, social media and life hasn’t been equivalent. They not only penetrate the digital space but have also influenced the way we converse. Every marketer worth their salt knows how crucial hashtags are often for his or her digital marketing strategy.

Since hashtags increase the reach and engagement of content, they are excellent thanks to increasing traffic on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. To celebrate the importance of those humble little words, we have put together a guide that will assist you to build a successful social media presence.

8 ways to use the hashtag to increase engagement

Do your hashtag research

Do your hashtag research

First and foremost, it is essential to understand that the art of hashtagging is far quite simply adding the hash check in front of words you think. Use hashtags in your content in a meaningful and effective way.

Don’t over hashtag

Don't over hashtag

While it’d be tempting to hashtag your little heart away on each post, it is not good to travel overboard on hashtags. Social media allows spending 30 hashtags per post. So, it is best to research and employ a few super-effective hashtags instead of stockpiling plenty of tags per post.

Create your hashtag campaigns

Create your hashtag campaigns

The cool thing about hashtagging is that there’s no restriction to using other hashtags. You will get creative and build a campaign around your very own branded hashtag. It will take your brand to a new level if done creatively and engagingly.
Take the unforgettable #IceBucketChallenge. The marketing team for the ALS Association was ready to raise awareness with this hashtag campaign, but they also raised a considerable amount of cash ($115 million to be exact!).

Utilize trending hashtags

Utilize trending hashtags


A trending hashtag may be a hashtag that has become very fashionable. You want to have heard people talking about what’s trending now. Using a trending hashtag in your content update can get your message seen by a larger audience. More and more people can see your updates instead of just your fans and followers.
Also, a trending hashtag may be the best way to extend a brand’s visibility.

Be specific and unique:

Be specific and unique

As a marketer, you would like to succeed in your community by employing a hashtag, especially during special events and Twitter chats. However, if you would like others to hitch in on the conversation, you would like to interact with the audience using unique hashtags. You can’t use generic hashtags, like #marketing or #seo, and expect people to retweet your post.

Create brand engagement:

Create brand engagement

Hashtags have the superb ability to attach your brand to many famous and visible topics.
Use of the proper hashtags will drive new viewers to your social media and permit you to interact with them. Once you use hashtags carefully, it helps you expand your reach to targeted users and improve customer relations.

Get inspired by others in your industry.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with spying on your competition from time to time. When it involves hashtagging, this will be an excellent activity. Joining in on trendy industry topic hashtags and finding niche industry-related tags that your audience follow are often insanely beneficial for upping your hashtag game.

How does one measure how effective your hashtags are for every post?

Honestly, we fiddle tons with hashtags, and we are not getting to spend 5 hours every week digging into the way to use hashtags on Instagram. But the most significant thing again is that they need to be relevant to what somebody would be checking out, and it is an enormous bonus if they are under 1 million posts.




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