Top 4 Tips for Maximizing the Potential of Influencer Marketing for Your Real Estate Brand

Influencer Marketing is becoming a fantastic tool for brands all over the world. It has left behind all the other forms of marketing. Today, every company, from startups to MNCs, is making strategies for Influencer Marketing. It gives the most genuine and authentic growth to respective brands and companies. Generally, audiences don’t like Only ad-oriented marketing; they prefer some mirch-masala-based creative content, and audiences are unlikely to click unless the advertisement is appealing.

Influencer Marketing helps convey the brand’s message better; hence, we can see more engagement than paid ads. It took a boost during the Pandemic, as making content at home became easy for them. Simultaneously, it gained popularity too, as people had nothing to do except scroll social media platforms. So influencer marketing was the best tool for audiences during the Pandemic. For instance, Saurabh Ghadge, Karan Sonawane and Neel Salaskar are the top 3 influencers in the limelight during the Pandemic.

Instagram is on top as a voice for influencers; it has become a business tool for influencers where reel making is their job and getting income is in the form of followers and views. Earlier it was only with a barter system where influencers made content for the brand, and in return, the brand provided them with their services and products. But now, the brand pays influencers for the content they make. Tiktok was a growing platform in the country and got around 45% growth in 2021, but due to the ban by the government, many famous influencers like Khaby Lame switched back to Instagram.


Here are some tips that help influencers to maximize their potential for real estate brands:

  1. Be definite: For any sector, it’s necessary to be definite. Your audience should understand what you’re communicating. So analyze your communication and set a perfect campaign to pitch to your target audience. This ensures that your influencer gets aligned with the ideas and concepts of your brand.
  2. Goal for the Highest: Make all the campaigns by keeping influencer campaigns in mind; this will naturally make a brand identity in the minds of audiences. Making that specific influencer work with your brand for a long time builds a relationship of trust and loyalty. This might also create a thought in the audience’s mind that the influencer is using your brand’s product and services.
  3. Micro or Mega Influencers? A few years back, this influencer marketing was limited to celebrities and a few bloggers. Now the tables have turned in the Pandemic, as they were the only ones who created content this time. Influencers have many categories, from micro (1k-10k Followers) to mega followers (over a million followers). While many brands are targeting influencers in the micro category, as they have less number of followers, their efforts are high, and they will create content with dedication, which gives excellent engagement. This says micro-influencers are the best choice for niche engagement.
  4. Select the best: Every influencer has different types of audiences and other demographics. The influencer’s style also matters, whether it goes with the brand or not.


So it concludes that influencer marketing is the soul of the brands and their growth. Real estate influencers need to make it natural and relatable to gain maximum profits from influencer marketing, and users share when they relate to it. We, Koffetech Communications, provide digital solutions for marketing your real estate brand, including Influencer Marketing and much more.




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