Instagram Hashtags in 2022: Everything You Need to Know

Hashtags are the cars for all those who want a better reach on Instagram. They help you achieve a targeted reach from the audiences you desire, boosting your company’s image.

Hashtags can take you and your company to a new level on social media platforms, but unnecessarily using hashtags without a proper strategy might be profitless. For selecting hashtags for Instagram, guessing games won’t work. Adequate study and research are compulsory for finding hashtags.


Here are some different types of hashtags you must know:

Hashtags are small texts that can be used in different ways, and they can help you attain some engagement and develop good growth for the content you’re uploading.

  • Branded Hashtags: This type of hashtag is for making your brand a centre of attraction and building it like a community, it can be your product name or even your company name—for example, #KoffeetechCommunications.
  • Campaign Hashtags: We can use this when we are scheduling to run an ad or a campaign, which might help keep a record of the activity related to the campaign. 
  • User-Generated Hashtags: These hashtags are all about attaining a targeted audience. Because we, as an uploader company, have no control over the reach. These are different from campaign and product/branded hashtags.
  • Location-Based Hashtags: These hashtags bring attention to the audience for that particular location—for example, #DelhiDhabas.
  • Cultural Movements Hashtags: Hashtags which have their focus on bringing eyes to cultural movements like #HeForShe #BlackLivesMatter 
  • Phrase Hashtags: Using words which are phrases or daily tasks. For example: #DoEveryday #LearnToInspire
  • Niche Hashtags: It’s more specific about category-related things.For example:#DigitalMarketer 


Most Commonly asked questions about Hashtags:

  • Is there any specific number of hashtags for use?

Thirty is the limit. It all depends on what you want via marketing. Eleven can be an average number, but more isn’t always the best; Instagram says three to five is enough.

  • Is it essential to add hashtags?

Of course! When you don’t add hashtags, you’re more likely to get views and likes from people who follow you. But when you add hashtags to your post, there are chances to reach people who don’t follow you.

  • I’ve similar content; should I use similar hashtags?

That would create an offense for Instagram Community, and they might ban your page for spamming, putting your page down and decreasing organic traffic.

  • What to avoid while putting Hashtags?

Yes, some lists of words are not allowed by Instagram. Though this list is not yet published, there are indeed some words. When you use such words, it might notify you whether that word is banned or not following community guidelines, and that hashtag won’t appear even if you use it.  


How to find trending Hashtags on Instagram:

Twitter might be an easy platform to find trending hashtags but seeing the same on Instagram is difficult. Searching for a hashtag on Instagram will show you all the posts attached to it; you will also find other hashtags of the same category and posts in it.

If you want to search a trending hashtag, enter the word with the # symbol into the search bar; if you’re using a desktop and if on mobile, enter the word and go to the Tags section.

You can get a list of all the trending hashtags related to your desired word. Using such hashtags might help you reach and be an excellent tool for digital marketing. We, Koffeetech Communications, provide you with all 360° solutions for digital marketing and advertising for your brand, and we aim to create a significant impact with strategic ideas and insights. 




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