11 Reasons To Choose Integrated Marketing Solutions In 2021

Integrated marketing combines multiple types of outreach tactics to most effectively reach a brand’s key audience at every phase of the customer journey. Integrated marketing includes branding, advertising, communications, digital marketing, and design. It’s all aspects of your marketing campaign integrated together into one cohesive unit. This strategy focuses on making your branding message consistent across all platforms.

The three main components of integrated marketing are branding, relevancy/personalization, and customer experience. An integrated marketing agency will have the necessary skills to create an integrated marketing campaign for your business. These agencies focus on delivering solutions. They have a distinct skill set that allows them to integrate your marketing campaign and produce better results.

When you hire an integrated marketing agency, you get a team of experts that have the resources and skills to promote your company. They will blend your online and offline marketing efforts to create one seamless campaign. It helps you build consistency with your tone, messaging, quality, and brand. With integrated marketing services, you will earn greater brand visibility, develop consistent messaging, and increase media coverage. Here are our top reasons why you should be implementing an integrated marketing campaign in your business.

Increases Conversions

Traffic to your website can come from anywhere – organic searches, social media links, QR codes, email, mobile, and blog content, to name a few. This means there are so many ways to get people onto your website. If you’re only using one of these platforms for directing customers to your website, you are limiting the number of customers you are reaching and therefore your sales. The more channels you are on, the more customers you are reaching, and as a result, the higher your conversion rate.

Maintains Consistency

If your integrated marketing communications strategy achieves nothing more than delivering one message across all channels with consistency, it will still have been successful. Why? Because as soon as your business’s message becomes blurred, unfocused, or inconsistent, you begin to lose your audience. The importance of delivering one message consistently cannot be overstated.

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Maximizes Your Impact

Though integrated marketing strategies require more resources than one-off marketing projects, they also produce far more results. By integrating multiple components of a campaign, you’re ultimately amplifying the success of each one and getting the most out of your marketing investment.

Helps Build A Sense of Trust With The Consumers

Helps build a sense of trust with the consumers

An integrated approach helps consumers remember you at the right time and it positions you positively in their minds as a brand to be trusted. When someone sees your website appear in the search engines a couple of times or sees a few ads on social, they may remember the name of your company. But they don’t have specific associations with it. On the other hand, if someone sees your name at the top of the search results, notes that it matches something they saw on social and they click through and read blog posts that demonstrate your brand’s integrity and experience, they’re more likely to remember you as someone they thought positively of when the time comes.

Plus, if you know how to bang the integrated marketing drums the right way, you’re not just going to appear all those times in the past for this prospect. You’ll also show up when they search during their time of need, triggering that final “ah-ha!” moment for them and convincing them you’re the business or provider to handle their needs.

Improves Engagement

Marketing tools like social media have made it easier than ever before to establish your brand as a thought leader. From Twitter to Facebook, offering insight on relevant trends and topics via social media can quickly position your business in the middle of timely conversations. Better yet, social media can also be used to connect with influencers on an individual basis. This instant access creates an opportunity for continued engagement in the future.

Reduces Fragmentation

Reduces fragmentation

If the recent research is to be believed then, one of the biggest challenges a business faces is fragmentation. Due to less market knowledge along with the poor marketing strategies and the endless stream of new communication technology, marketing audiences have become more separate and increasingly complicated.

The only solution to avoid this is to stick to one message and circulate through integrated marketing communication processes and different tools that feature the same creative treatment. This helps to overcome the fragmentation and by repeating the headlines, key phrases, and content in each communication, you ensure that customers receive consistent messages each time they see one of the elements of your campaign.

Such creative consistency helps reinforce the basic campaign themes by increasing the number of times your target group sees or hears the same message.

Provides Crucial Support

Provides crucial support

It takes hard work to run a marketing campaign that drives successful results. If you’re working on your integrated marketing campaign alone, you can feel overwhelmed. When you rely on an integrated marketing company, you don’t have to run your campaign alone.

An integrated marketing agency will provide support for your campaign. You have people to rely on to help you create your campaign. They will have the knowledge and expertise to help create a successful campaign. If problems arise with your campaign, you don’t need to worry about fixing it on your own. Your integrated marketing agency will be able to help you fix your campaign. It gives you a sense of security if there are issues with your campaign.

An integrated marketing agency gives flexibility to your campaign. Whether you’re launching a new campaign or your business is extremely busy, you have an agency to rely on to keep up with your campaign. You can focus on helping your business prepare for new leads, while your agency runs your campaign that drives them to your business.

Enhances Media Coverage

Getting potential customers to notice your brand is usually one of the first steps in most marketing campaigns – and for good reason. You can’t begin to form a relationship with a potential customer until he or she takes note of your business. Search marketing and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are great ways to raise visibility among consumers. These integrated marketing solutions can highlight key messages and owned assets, making it easier for you to build rapport with consumers.

Provides Relevant and Fresh Content

Provides relevant and fresh content

It’s important to understand what influences the modern consumer. People have access to unlimited amounts of information online at the click of a finger. Because of this, they will quickly turn to a new source if your business doesn’t have the answers they seek. If you can provide fresh content across a range of different platforms, it’s more likely that consumers will find you and rely on you.

Prioritises Results

Not only do integrated marketing communications reinforce the same message in the minds of your consumers, but it also keeps the message and goal crystal clear within your own organization.

When all parties are working in sync, that is when you’re able to create truly impactful campaigns; and the better you’re able to communicate the same message both externally and internally, the greater your return on investment will be.

Keeps You Ahead of The Curve

Keeps you ahead of the curve

We already pointed out that having no integrated marketing strategy allows competitors to beat you in the market. But a poor integrated marketing strategy — one that’s based on limited experience, best guesses or a big soup of every stakeholder’s opinion — does the same thing.

If you’re not doing the research and connecting with experts to understand exactly how your marketing solutions should work together, you may not even be connecting with the bulk of your audience. And if you aren’t losing out to existing competitors, you are going to be chasing new businesses. That’s because new competitors don’t have existing “gut reactions” to rely on, so they’re doing the research.

So, what are you waiting for? As you embark on your 2021 planning journey and aim to grow further, we suggest you ditch the traditional marketing plans and old solutions & take a smart decision before your competitor introduces a brilliant marketing strategy. Get in touch with Koffeetech and design an exclusive integrated marketing strategy to overcome the challenges that are unique to your business.

No matter what kind of content you\’re pushing out, you\’ll have no trouble finding established best practices for attracting customers. But what makes all the difference is how well you communicate with your audience. Following the points mentioned above puts you on the path to attracting new clients and growing your business. To learn more about how to successfully communicate with your audience, visit us at https://www.koffeetech.com/.




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