Integrated 360-degree marketing solutions for your brand for festive seasons

We all have seen Bright Colours, Lights, and Diyas on the top-brand pages on social media.

“Festive Integrated Marketing” aims to give consumers a more immersive experience with your brand by bringing them to a real-world festive experience. This is a great way to get people involved in the process creatively.

Importance of Festival Integrated Marketing:

This is a great opportunity for growing credibility. Audiences get excellent chances to communicate with brands in person and understand more about the brands. This is a golden opportunity for brands. 75% of brands say festivals are an excellent medium for promoting the brand, increasing sales and developing customer loyalty. This type of marketing creates an emotional connection which is best for relationship marketing—one of the best ways to make the best online presence for brands.

Here are top marketing ideas brands can use for festivals like Diwali:

  • Topicals: 

It’s about playing with the time and moment and connecting it with the brand’s language.

Audiences engage with the unique content, more conceptualised in communicating brand and festival. 

The difference between topical and traditional advertising is speed, which is about how fast you deliver the content as the festival starts.

Such posts get wacky copy lines from content writers, and later the designer makes an out-of-the-box creative, which is quickly posted as soon as the client approves it. The essence of this post should be catchy and quick communication. The whole and sole purpose of this type of post is to make the audience wait on their posts for more than 10 seconds. 

  • Offers: 

This is an excellent opportunity to achieve a higher rank in sales. During festivals, we have generally experienced sale offers from top-notch brands, especially in the Electronic and E-commerce industries. Offers and festivals are the best combinations that automatically generate comparatively higher sales than regular days. It also improves brand awareness, increased demand, and a sense of urgency. 

Here, primary creatives are generally made where the message is clear-cut about the company’s offer. These creatives are made for running ads or just posting on the brand’s social media accounts.

  • Contests:

The most amazing way to engage with followers and customers. This creates an enthusiastic vibe on the internet where the brand encourages engagement on social media, and in return, audiences get exciting gifts and vouchers.

This contest can vary from brand to brand; here are some examples:

  1. Polls: This allows the audience to choose, where the brand asks multiple-choice questions, and the user has to select the right option. It can be either a general knowledge question or a personal point of view question. It can also include a “pick a price” poll, which is a great research tool to understand what product of the respective brand has more attention.
  2. Giveaways: This is a general contest marketing idea where the winner is selected randomly. It is essential to see if the user meets all the basic rules of the giveaway. This is also an excellent opportunity for attaining engagement and sales.
  3. Quiz and Trivia: This allows your audience to play short quizzes, answer questions, have fun, and later win exciting prizes. Audiences love the sense of smartness and achievement, so you can expect a mixture of easy and challenging questions. You can use this contest idea to know the perspective of the customer.
  4. Photo Competition: In this contest, the audiences are made to post their picture to qualify for the competition; this is very powerful for encouraging user-generated content. Platforms like Instagram could leave the brand’s mark with this contest’s help. Visual content is genuinely an excellent marketing tool.
  • Video Brand Campaign:

For festivals like Diwali, marketing ideas like video brand campaigns play a vital role.

As per research, it is observed that humans spend 5 hours of their whole day watching videos. This is the most engaging and quickest way to pass the brand communication and creatively engage the audiences.

The process starts when the creative team brainstorms ideas which sell the emotion related to the brand instead of the product and services. The second step is to pitch that idea to the clientele; the same is conveyed to the video production team after approval. This team works very smartly to deliver the best ad an audience can engage with. The purpose of making a video brand campaign is to connect with the targeted audiences. We all know how Raksha Bandhan Ads of Cadbury affects and how subtly the message they convey.

Every festival marketing idea gains better attention on social media. Festivals are the best time for businesses and brands to get an opportunity to showcase their creative side and do something different from the crowd. From sending emotional greetings in emails to boosting sales and organising contests, this festival marketing is best for you and your audiences. Koffeetech Communications is the best platform as a source to deliver conceptualised and creative ads for your brand’s social media. Our goal is only to make exceptional art that amazes your audience and fulfils your brand’s desire.




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