Fresher, intern or an expert marketer, we always run out of creative ideas and checklists to make a perfect campaign. ROI being a primary goal, we integrate multiple channels, areas, and media to reach our ultimate audience and convert them. What begins after reaching the best of your prospects is getting into their inboxes and bring them to the final purchase or desired actions.

To get your customer to take that one perfect action and keep it repeating all you need is perfect email trail. It has multiple things to do while being the most subtle mode of communication. It has to be attractive, elegant, suit the time and mood of the customer. This Email is your Last Airbender that concludes the integrated campaign and stays in touch with the prospects. Treat it like that and make your mail trail grow to it.

Well, what makes this Airbender supersede the qualities of other portal benders? Well, the primary reason emails always are crucial is, it is the closet you reach your prospects, a mode cheaper than other mediums, and ultimate crisp communication to clients. It swiftly glides through the paid, organic, B2B and B2C campaigns like a pro. Remember a good email copy closes the deal before you start selling it.

Here is what we understood and grabbed from HubSpot’s Email Marketing Guide 2019. Few guidelines that determine the effectivity of your email trail.

Email Marketing Essentials

Email marketing is growing and becoming dynamic day by day. It is essential to focus on email marketing as a crucial tool and one of the closest mediums to reach the consumer. All platforms and channels conclude either in a direct meeting or an efficient email trail.

Optimized Emails

Brands and marketing objectives mostly revolve around engagement via Click through rates or ROI, converting leads is one of the major goals of any email marketing campaign.

What exactly Determine the Goals of Your Email Campaign

When it comes to optimizing, you should always have a strategy before start shooting emails. Every marketer should pay attention to:

  • Click through rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Bounce rate
  • List growth rate
  • Email sharing rate

Write Better Email Copy

If the current marketing emails are not giving any conversions, change your content. Here’s the right email marketing strategy to get leads and sales:

Write the killer Subject line

A catchy tagline will help to attract customer attention.

Nail the preview text

Another area to nail down to start optimizing is the tone of your emails. Conversational and Informal tones work well for adding a personal approach to emails. This is an excellent way to connect with your readers at a deeper level. Use a more formal tone if the brand’s image is also more formal. Also, have the option of using a promotional tone. Impactful visuals filled with bold calls-to-action convey the right message.

Avoid using big chunks of text

Researchers say in 2016, 68% of emails opened on a mobile device. So it is imperative to break up your writing into smaller parts of the text that work on phones.

For the largest readability, break up your text in three short sentences per paragraph. Anything more and you’ll make it hard for the reader to absorb the information. All the text is too overwhelming on a tiny device screen.

Timing is important
  • Timing doesn’t exactly have to do with writing better emails. It is important to ensure that your emails are read and a big part of that has to do with timing.
  • 6 AM–10 AM: Users tend to open emails relating to retail promotions and events
  • 10 AM- 12 PM: Most of the employees do not check their personal emails this time
  • Noon–2 PM: Readers are catching up their favorite magazine’s updates. Not the best time for marketing emails
  • 2 PM–3 PM: A dead zone when readers are busy working
  • 3 PM–5 PM: As the hectic workday takes its toll on the population, they become more interested in emails related to financial services
  • 5 PM–7 PM: Works well for holiday promotions. Otherwise considered a “working period” because all other types of emails go unnoticed
  • 7 PM–10 PM: Since readers are busy relaxing after their work day, they’re more likely to open promotional emails that include discounts on clothes and other retail purchases
  • 10 PM–6 AM: This is the ultimate dead zone where the majority of email marketing efforts will prove ineffective

Email Optimisation Checklist

To do the proper email optimization here is the following checklist:

Attention Grabbing Subject Line

The subject line is an important part of an email. It can entice people to open the message also set the expectations about what’s enclosed. It should be short, crisp, and sweet to read.

Actual person as sender

Researchers say emails sent with actual person’s name increases your click-through rates.

Optimize Preview text

This area is like a meta description. Here you write a custom description and entice readers to open the email.

Include consistent Branding

Remember, when it comes to your brand’s messaging, the look and feel should be consistent across the board. And email is no exception. Recipients who open your emails should know who’s sending based on the look.

Personalize the content

Same way it is also very necessary to personalize your subject line and body content within the mail. The simplest way is to address your recipient by their first name in your email greeting. Researchers say personalized emails show an increase in click-through rates of 14%. Also, an increase in conversions by 10%.

Segment Your Sender List

Research says, Segmented emails generate 58% of overall ROI. Also, marketers have seen a 76% increase in email ROI through segmented campaigns. This should come as no surprise. By segmenting your list, you’re able to deliver the right messages to the right people.

You can also segment your email list in the following ways:

  • Lifecycle stages
  • Buyer Personas
  • Content Engagement
  • Interest Level
  • Past Sale


Email is one of the powerful tools when it comes to marketing. Also, this is one of the important reasons why every email should optimize. Sending an email is often the first impression the receiver gains from the sender. A written email results in a poor impression.

Sending better emails with relevant messages can build trust among customers. Also, there will be growth for your brand.

Creating optimized emails will become the second strength for you to generate ROI. Start marketing right, and you’ll start to perceive the rewards of your hard work in less time!


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