The current era is an era of growth and development when various industries and sectors, provincial states, and countries are growing at a fine pace to grow the world economy together. Similarly, a group of people divided into teams in an organization which is just another tiny part of a country\’s economy works together.

In today’s market, unemployment is going down and competition for exclusive talent is gradually growing, specifically in the world of Information Technology (IT). 74% of employees settled down with job satisfaction are still up for job change. Here, targeting active job seekers along with pulling talent from giant passive candidate market. Advertising a job vacancy and waiting for the interested candidates to submit the applications wouldn’t always be enough. Recruiters need to prepare a plan for future hiring requirements by making relationships with the shortlisted candidates keeping the possibility of future usefulness in consideration and acting quickly to secure deserving talent at the right time. It doesn’t even sound easy.

Why pooling talent banks?

When you are about to get a big project, worrying about recruiting and hiring a team to work for you, would surely be the last thing you’d want to do. Pooling talent banks, allows you to get the help you require on a scalable, per project basis and makes it easier for you to focus on your business goals and making it big. Proficiency, affordability, and convenience are just a few of the factors behind the dependence of businesses of all sizes on contractual staffing to get things done.

Sometimes, organizations also face the shortage of human resources to sufficiently complete an assigned project within time. In such situations, hiring a team of few people permanently may achieve the targets but once the project is completed, you would be paying them year round without even giving them further tasks to work on.

There are many other reasons why businesses are heading towards staff augmentation solutions.

Experienced Candidates

Augmenting your staff with well-trained professionals at the time of requirement allows you to assign tasks and give responsibilities with confidence. Mid-career professionals with experience are neither interns nor temps and wouldn’t need much assistance and time for training sessions. You can simply assign projects as per the requirement and the augmented team or staff would be able to deliver the desired results in the allotted period of time. Additionally, some highly qualified and experienced professionals bring their own individually considerable set of skills to help in working of your project, freeing you up from certain tasks and allowing you to focus on other vital things.

Saving a Lot with Keeping Quality

When you already know that you require a few people to work for you just for a couple of weeks or at most a few months, hiring a team permanently is probably not going to be a cost-effective move. Due to salary, taxes, and employee benefits, even a single full-time employee would cost you a big amount of money. Augmented staffing lets you occupy a professional during the time of requirement without any long-term service terms and conditions, and costly pay commitments.

Moreover, these days, providing health and medical benefits the employees immensely. In this, an augmented staff can help you prevent the expenses of costly health insurances.

Controlled Operations

In contrast with complete outsourcing, staff augmentation allows you to perform regular monitoring and have better control over your project at all stages. You wouldn’t be able to track your project’s growth when you outsource the entire project of yours and its quality also completely depends on the outsourced staff/company. Whereas, hiring contractual staffing you can place the augmentation staff at any task or requirement in order to improve the on-going project’s efficiency.

Staff augmentation solutions are also beneficial in reducing the risk of security and breaching privacy and confidential information which is there in normal outsourcing.

Save Time and Money

The task of hiring a team of short term workers for a recently given project requires help which can save both time and money. As you would be paying for only the time they work, getting talent from talent pools or staff augmentation services can cut down your employee costs, moreover, you wouldn’t need to worry about downtimes or searching for things to assign that full time employee when there’s no work is available. Need a worker who can give 40 intensive hours of backend coding one week and 4 hours the next week? Very few candidates would likely to follow this schedule, but an augmented staff can make it easier to plan for projects no matter small or big.

Staff Evaluation is easy

Once you appoint a staff from any of the reputed and top staff augmentation service provider, it would be easy to evaluate the activities, contributions, task handling skills, and other essential characteristics. There are many other reasons for hiring contractual staff in order to achieve benefits for your business.

You would be able to experience the working with highly trained and experienced professionals that are ready to hit the ground. A better and cost effective alternative to recruiting, interviewing and hiring a few of candidates as regular/full time employees.

Conclusion: A major characteristic is that you can get fresh and innovative ideas from the professionals as they wouldn’t be engaging in the corporate politics. And the best thing is that in case you require to change anything in or/and about the ongoing project it can be done as far as it is possible. The only thing you should be concerned about is choosing a staff augmentation service provider wisely, in order to complete your projects successfully and timely. However, it is always recommended to get help from the internet to get to a well-established and reputed company that provides staff on contract basis.


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