Why Is Integrated Marketing Beneficial for Your Company?

Integrated marketing has been a buzzword in the marketing world these past few years. Time and again, the dissemination of a unified story has brought promising results for brands, and so marketers are betting big on it. 

Engaging a broad spectrum of audiences and creating brand loyalty is impossible with isolated messages. Brands need a unified storytelling approach that is founded on consumer behavioural data. 

Based on the insights, a unified message is created for all aspects of marketing like advertising, PR and social media. Their respective media channels are used for maintaining a consistent message tone and voice to deliver an enhanced customer experience. 

Reasons Your Brand Should Use Integrated Marketing

Integrated solutions consistently outperform the available marketing alternatives. A consistent message creates unmatched impact in terms of reach, efficiency and returns. Research even shows that integrated campaigns positively trump the results of other types of campaigns by up to 300 per cent. To shed more clarity, here are a few reasons why integrated marketing is important for your brand.

Helps Cut Through the Noise

Maintaining a consistent message tone and voice communicates your brand’s story effectively. The content cuts through the noise surrounding your typical customer. This kind of creative consistency better imprints your message in the minds of your customers.

Better Results, Enhanced Customer-experience

Consistent branding drives deliberate actions on the part of your customers and establishes brand loyalty. The prospects of a sale drastically increase, effectively generating better results and creating an enhanced customer experience. 

Higher Returns on Investment

The unification of campaign communications in one single message cuts down campaign costs. An integrated campaign helps brands save money that their competition loses on launching inconsistent campaigns. 

Benefits of Integrated Marketing 

Integrated marketing communications positively create a long-term impact that’s essential to establishing industry domination. It imparts visible progress to your brand from the first day onwards, and so brands are adapting to the trend globally.

Improved Results

Traditional marketing techniques often generate conflicting marketing outputs across ads, PR articles, direct marketing, etc. Thereby the message loses its edge and doesn’t penetrate the clutter of dull campaigns that customers come across every day. An integrated approach unifies the efforts of your marketing teams and gives harmony to the message. Your brand image is backed by different sources, increasing customer confidence.

Enhanced Brand Image

When every element of your marketing strategy is directed towards the delivery of a unified message builds brand credibility over different media channels. Customers get better acquainted with your products, services and brand. You establish trust with the delivery of a clear message, so customers don’t feel the need for other brands. Today, aligning all your marketing elements towards driving a well-defined goal is essential to creating an enhanced brand image that resonates with customers.

Consistency in Message Delivery

Customers better relate with a brand whose message delivery is consistent in terms of tone, voice and the actual message. While slight improvements in light of market trends and changes are effective, it is not at all healthy for a brand to undergo constant changes. An integrated marketing company takes care that your advertising, PR and other marketing efforts are synchronous and drive lifelong relationships with your customers. 

Reach a Larger Audience

When you align your PR and digital marketing efforts, your brand visibility is drastically increased, campaign cost is cut down, and brand loyalty is built and strengthened with consistent message delivery and personalisation. You reach more customers, generate more leads, and drive conversions.

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