The Tinted Club

The Tinted Club is one of the most well-founded eyewear brands swiftly gaining popularity in India. They offer a wide range of eyewear products.


The Challenge

Though they were the most established, they lacked awareness of their brand among the audience. Keeping this in mind, we designed a user friendly and aesthetically appealing online presence for them.

  • Not able to showcase their products in detail
  • To create innovative designs
  • To create E-commerce functionalities.
  • Lacking to converge their image
  • Not able to build its reputation
  • Not able to get recognition and ROI

The Results


Time increased on profile visit


Traffic growth with SEO

0 to 3400+

Followers increased on social media


Increase in sales conversion with quality lead generation


Growth in Conversion and ROI


Followers growth on Social Media

What Koffeetech Communications Provided them ?

We Updated Customer Engagement & Conversions Through Digital Campaigns.

The strategy came with expectations. Each step would take time to begin generating additional new patient flow to the practice.

Build a New website

The first step was creating a new website representing The Tinted Club and its products. So, we used WordPress to build a functional website with a customized design, and our new design allowed us to display important information about their dental practice prominently. We created a user-friendly website for them.

Video Marketing

We wanted to showcase The Tinted Clubs products, convincing potential customers what the experience was like and giving them insight into the staff they would associate with.

A Complete Digital Solution

We as a digital marketing agency, designed a complete new functional website from scratch, strategically made the website into a fully functional e-commerce platform, reflected designs as per their industrial standards, and developed a new brand identity, brand position, strategies and messaging.

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