Orthosquare Dental Clinic

Orthosquare Dental Clinic, a legend in providing dental services all over India. Though this brand had an impactful presence, they were looking for dynamic digital marketing services. Through this, they can quickly get clients from all over the world.


The Challenge

Orthosquare Dental Clinic was already famous, but they wanted to create an intriguing digital appearance and increase patient volume, focusing on dental treatments. 

The Results


Traffic growth through SEO


Followers growth on Social Media


Increased on Social Media reach and engagement


Growth in leads through Performance Marketing


Followers growth on Social Media


Followers growth on Social Media

What Koffeetech Communications Provided them ?

We Updated Customer Engagement & Conversions Through Digital Campaigns.

The strategy came with expectations. Each step would take time to begin generating additional new patient flow to the practice.

A complete digital solution

As a digital marketing agency, we strategically created campaigns, build designs, polished, structured all the social media platforms, generated some trendsetting brand-building solutions and created engaging contests.

Build a New website

The first step was creating a new website representing Orthosquare Dental Clinic and their practice. So, we used WordPress to build a functional website with a customized design, and our new design allowed us to display important information about their dental practice prominently. We also created a user-friendly website for them.

Search Engine Optimization

While building a new website, we were able to instil some best practices, according to Google, which allowed us to prepare the website for a strong SEO campaign. Within months of starting their new campaign, Orthosquare Dental Clinic began to soar in the Google results for target keywords. The campaign was driving patients to their website and clinic. We did comprehensive keyword research and targeted terms with a particular patient in mind.

Google and Paid Ads

Lastly, our team started Paid Ad campaign for Orthosquare Dental Clinic. Targeting the exact keywords that users were using to find them organically ensures they dominate the search results page. The results have been phenomenal. In the past, Orthosquare Dental Clinic generated zero new business from their website, and now they regularly receive new patients from their online presence.

Video Marketing

We wanted to showcase the Orthosquare Dental Clinic environment, convincing potential patients what the experience was like and giving them insight into the staff they would associate with.

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