Like everything online and upbeat, Digital Marketing trends and algorithms change a lot too. We have summarised a few things and trends that will shift soon in 2019 and bring about massive changes in how Brands perform online.

From Google Search Algorithms to Voice Search abilities, we have it all in this blog. For starters, there are few things that we all as marketers, sellers, consumers, learners or influences assumed and know. The increase in the dominance of mobile phones across the globe and the impact of Jio Phones in India. The fact is the lives of Generation Z revolves around the phones, and Generation X & Y are not an exception to it.

Thirteen more things are going to impact the digital ad space in the coming years.

1. Growth hacking
Growth hacking has become essential for all brands as it drives conversions home. Many companies like DropBox, Grammarly have used growth hacking for their benefits a lot. Dropbox skyrocketed their users from 100K to 4 million in a short span.

2. Privacy protection
Privacy is of prime importance to the consumers that their privacy is not hampered. Their needs and their conversations are not leaked. As more people are using the internet, the concern for privacy is also increasing. Many people tend to avoid sharing their information on landing pages for a simple matter of privacy. There have been enough information breach issues that came up and handled in a court of law. However, every policy over the internet is becoming more and more consumer oriented. As a brand, a website owner and business online, you have to gain the trust and ensure complete insulation to your users online.

3. Chatbots
A customer service that interacts globally serves 24 X 7 and answers all the customer queries, no, it is not at all expensive or extensive HR. It is a simple AI solution.

Chatbots are becoming more and smarter now. The Setup is easy, integration is simple, and use is just flawless.

Generation Z users have no issues answering an AI-based chatbox, and it is a way business can provide timely response and resolution along with recording the problems.

Fifty-one percent of people believe that businesses should be available day and night. Modern chatbots can handle these challenges with relative ease.

What’s more? The bots hide in plain sight, and over 63 percent of users have no idea that they are using AI tools.

4. Influencer Marketing

Over 46 percent of millennials rely on peer reviews and experts opinion rather than just advertising and internet visibility. Influencer marketing is thus essential for all brands. It is important to identify influencers and brand advocates across sectors and sew them with the marketing plans.

Influencer marketing gives a better ROI than traditional marketing channels with the lowest spending. The expertise, however, is identifying these influencers and channelizing brands through them in the right way.

5. Omnichannel marketing
Over 81 percent of consumers prefer companies that are easier to transact. A social media Ad followed by a landing page and a seamless transaction. Users move much comfortably across channels, and brands need to step up their game as well.

From their memes on Facebook to opinions on Twitter, visual experience on Insta and Youtube and company reliability over LinkedIn, all brands have to sort and strategize their digital presence minutely.

6. Personalization and Big Data
It is not only you who are willing to pay more Rs.100 for a personalized pen; every consumer a brand targets is willing and craving for more and more personalized content.

As per Accenture Insights, the data itself is not the issue. Eighty-three percent of consumers are perfectly willing to share their data if it gets them a more relevant, personalized experience. Handling the data isn’t the problem either. Edge computing allows businesses to process information faster, helping them respond to evolving consumer needs at a moment’s notice. And privacy concerns alone are not hurting the chances of personalization.

Instead, it’s the personalization strategies themselves that need to change. Consumers don’t want to be boxed by predictions.

We at Koffeetech, work on exactly that. We understand your products and needs while getting and analyzing relevant data of every transaction that occurred on your website.

7. Brand storytelling
Ninety-two percent of consumers want convincing, fact-filled storytelling instead of just ads. All the reason you remember Dhara’s Ad from the 90s is that it was convincing and drove the point home. IT requires a mixed approach, where you balance the creativity and marketing message. Weave a narrative that captures the imagination and motivates the consumer to move forward in the buying cycle.

8. Engaging diversity
Women make up half of the global population, and still very few ads have women in nonstereotypical roles. Eighty-five percent do not recognize themselves in the images that are presented to them. Better recognition of every section of the target audience is necessary for impactful advertising and digital branding.

9. Transitions in Social Media
From messaging apps to the stories, users are actively engaging themselves in sharing opinions to gathering followers. Many users are transforming as influencers driving conversions and setting trends. It is no wonder that; many songs are popularised through musically, tiktok videos.

The Channels are also undergoing massive change. Facebook is growing by 16% and Instagram by 30%. All the while, snapchat is just reduced to stickers and filters. Users prefer connecting with brands via social platforms instead of call centers. It feels personal and has an impact along with it.

Brands will have to be on toes to respond to such conversations and queries by their customers. A response to these complaints has also won hearts.

May it is a Facebook messenger or twitter handles, the brands are advised to keep their response times to a minimum. FB messenger has recorded over 2 billion messages between businesses and consumers every month.

10. Artificial intelligence
IOT, quick responses, learning keyboards and your phone suggesting your apps to improve sleep is nothing but an aspect of machine learning and AI. In the next five years, the machine will be as efficient and logical as humans. That does not mean it will replace humans but will increase efficiency. As communication channels, mediums and instances of content sharing increases; the need to specific, directed and relevant content becomes dire. Machine learning and AI helps the marketers here with exceptional analytical skills and channelizing communication, creating segments and much more.

It is easier to interpret different customer behaviors, study patterns and assist purchase with AI. This all reduces the load on your marketing talent, freeing their minds for more creative and strategic thinking.

11. Voice Search
“Hey, Siri can you compete with Alexa?” Well, we all say weird things to our voice assistants and are now used to asking our voice assistants to wake us up. It is estimated that by 2020, 50% of all searches will be taken over by voice search. Thus, it is essential to optimize your website for voice search and search assistants.

For songs and classifieds brands it will become even more important to be in the shared database of Alexa, Google, and Apple. Integrating multiple API, having multiple listings and omnipresence for an individual brand becomes altogether essential.

12. Visual Search
A picture says more than a thousand words is an old saying; it is time to update it to a new one. “A Picture sells more than just text but slightly less than a Video.

Have you ever noticed that an unboxing video influences a simple mobile purchase decision?

No simple text Ad can give you such a significant impact.

As per Accenture Insights, both Generation Y & Z experiment with new online features. Every online business has an advantage in the coming decade over businesses offline. More than 3/4th of new consumers are making decisions based on visual searches and catalogs.


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